Christian Nursery Rhymes

Fun, easy and new!

Eat this stew

Old father Isaac, he could not see

He could not tell, but he could smell

He sniffed his son

He ate the stew

Old Father Isaac, he had no clue

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Shortie shortie
Up a tree
Zacheus wanted to see
Yummy yummy
Potato and pea
Jesus set him free
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One, two, Jesus loves you

One, two

Jesus loves you

Three four

Knock on His door

Five Six Seven

We’re going to heaven

Eight, nine, ten

He’s  your friend




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Jonah’s Journey

God said “Go”

But Jonah said “No!”

On a ship he sailed

Until it hailed

They threw him in the sea

And let him be

Along came a fish

And Jonah was his dish


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Boy oh boy!

Boy oh boy

There’s a boy called David

He threw a stone

And the giant groaned

He dropped with a thud

His face in the mud

Boy oh boy

There’s a boy turned King

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Hello world!

A great big hello to everyone out there reading this!  This blog is about creating catchy nursery rhymes based on biblical stories and themes.  We hope you enjoy reading them to your little ones!

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